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Author: Jay Reso's Gurl

Rating: NC-17 for sex scenes. No one under 18.

Disclaimer: I don't know or own Terry Gerin, Adam Copeland, Jason Reso or any other names from the WWE. The story is fictional.  Have fun reading it and don't sue me if you don't like it

Distribution: Whoever wants to read it.......make sure my name is on it and you tell me where (That way you'll know)

Feedback: Would love to hear....

Chapter 1
About 10 years ago, there were two guys trying their best to break the ice to become wrestlers.  Their name were Adam Copeland and Jason Reso.  They were wrestling on independent circuit all around Canada and the United States.  One day, they stopped in Windsor, Ontario to wrestled for the Border City Wrestling, owned by Scott DAmore.  Sandra decided to go and watch the card and she was going to take pictures and also write a column for the newspaper.  When she got to the hall, she showed her pass to the door person and he let go in.  She knew almost all the regulars  that were there.  There was one new guy who was trying out.  His name was Terry Gerin and he was from Detroit, MI.  He looked really shy and intimidated by all the other wrestlers.  All of a sudden, somebody put their hands in front of Sandras eyes and asked her to guess who it was.  Sandra started smiling because she knew that it was Jason.  Sandra and Jason had a good relationship.  Jason really liked Sandra, but never knew how to tell her how he felt about her.  Sandra liked Jason too, but she was too professional to tell Jason how she felt and thought that it wouldnt be good for her, as she was a reporter.  They both would spend time together every time he was in town, they would go out for dinner and then after the event, they would go for a couple of beers that would always ended up by closing the bar.  Adam knew that there was something special between the two of them, and several times, he would tell Jason to do something about it, but Jason would be too shy and never say anything about it.

After Sandra guessed who was behind her, the exchanged hugs and talked about how they were doing.  Adam looked over Sandras and saw Terry sitting there by himself and twirling his fingers.  Adam excused himself from Sandra and Jason, which they didnt even noticed that he left, and went to talk to Terry.  Adam introduced himself to Terry and Terry stood up right away and shook hands with Adam.  He introduced himself to Adam too and started talking.  Terry was telling Adam that he was on try out tonight and if everything would be fine, he would be able to wrestling monthly for Scott and then go on the road too.  Adam could see the excitement in Terrys eyes and could feel that he would be a great addition to the roster.  Adam asked him if he had a stage name and Terry told him that he didnt thought about it yet.  All of a sudden, Sandra and Jason decided to approach Adam and Terry to introduce themselves.  Adam made the introduction to Terry.  This is Jason, my tag team partner and that is Sandra, shes a reporter and also GOOD friend with Jason.  He did put some intention on the word Good, which Sandra looked at Adam with a grin and Jason hit Adam on the stomach.


Chapter 2


It was around 6:30 PM and there was a lot of noise and talk the other sides of the curtains.  Hundreds  of people were waiting in line to get into the hall and to get their seats.  All of a sudden, Sandra screamed her head off when she got scared by somebody who poked her sides.  It was Joe.  He was the clown of the group, and he would never miss a chance to make Sandra scream.  When she turned and saw that it was him, she dropped her back and jumped on Joes back and proceeded to choke him with the sleeper hold.  The three other guys were laughing and the chemistry just was building up for the best.  When Sandra got down of Joes back, she came back and apologized for the little incident.  Terry started laughing and Joe came to join the group and introduced himself to Terry.  Adam looked at Sandra and told her that they had to go, get ready and they had to go and meet the fans inside for the ones who got VIP tickets.  Sandra understood and told them that she had to get ready too with her camera and she would see them later.  Sandra went into the little press room and to get her camera ready when Scott sneaked in the room without Sandra knowing about it and started kissing Sandras neck.  Sandra turned around and pushed Scott back. 


Scott was chasing Sandra for the past 2 years now, but she didnt want nothing to do with him other than business wise.  Scott told already Sandra how he felt about her, but she didnt want to get involved with him.  She knew too well how he was and the day that he would make it big, she would be the one cheated on.  He wasnt ready for a real commitment, he was just looking for some ass to play with.  Sandra wasnt the type of girl to sleep around to win some integrity or to get the scoop.  She was really professional and everything that she earned, she got it from her work, and not with favors.  At the beginning, Scott wasnt too enthusiast to have a girl covering his shows, but he saw that she wasnt just a regular girl, she was a reporter with a lot of good ideas that would be just a plus for Scott and his wrestling circuit. 


Sandra then looked at Scott and told him if he will never listen to what she says to him and to go check somewhere else for a piece of ass.  Scott looked at her and he told her that he wasnt looking for anybodys ass, but it was just his way to say Hi to her.  Then, she smiled to him and shook her head giving up with Scott.  Then, she asked Scott to tell her more about this new wrestler, Terry.  Scott said that he saw him wrestling in Detroit at a couple of independent show over there and he was really impress with his wrestling abilities.  Also, being a short guy like himself, that was another positive point.  Then, he just asked him if he wanted to try with his school and tonight, was his try out night.  Sandra nodded to Scott with anticipation of seeing what he had to offer, in the ring, of course.  Sandra then thanked Scott for the information and that she was going to get ready for the event. 


Chapter 3


The first couple of matches were really nothing to brag about, it was what we would call opening matches where the guys are really only jobbers and will never go anywhere.  But they were good to warm up the crowd.  There was about 1000 people watching it.  Some of the people in front row were regulars that would be there and scream at the wrestlers.  Sandra was talking pictures and notes to bring back with her at the newspaper and to do her weekly column in the Windsor Star.  Then, all of sudden, the lights goes out.  The music starts and the spotlight shines to the entrance.  Here comes, Sexton Hardcastle (which was Adam), Christian Cage (that was Jason) and Joe E. Legend (yes, this was Joe).  Of course, they come out with their cocky attitude that just would make you go in the ring and slap their attitude out of their heads.  They thought they were all that, but of course, they were in character.  Never would they even try to act like that when they are not wrestling or with Sandra.  If they would come up to her one day with that attitude, she would kick them so hard in the balls, that they would go up their throat and they would able to chew them.  Christian takes the microphone and start talking shit to the crowd.  Of course, the crowd respond to them by booing them and giving them the middle finger.  Then, Sexton takes the microphone and continue to talk shit with Joe jumping up and down around the two others.  Then, somebody from the other side of the hall had a microphone and started talking back to Sexton.  Sandra tried to see who it was, but couldnt, the man was in the dark and everybody was standing up.  The man made his way down to the ring and that is when Sandra realized that it was Terry.  He was talking back to Sexton and basically challenging him for the BCW Heavy Weight Title.  Christian looked all around and couldnt believe that somebody would have the grapefruit balls to challenge his leader.  Then, Sexton with cockiness in his voice invited the newcomer to join him in the ring and he would give him a title shot.  Joe and Christian looked worried and went to talk to Sexton about it.  While then, Sandra was trying to write down in basic words what is going on and taking pictures at the same time.  Then, the bell was being rang and here we go, the match was under way.  Both Sexton and Terry started dancing around the ring and Terry was going to grab Sexton by the neck when all of a sudden


Chapter 4


Terry laid down on his back and Sexton pinned his shoulder down. One, Two, Three.  Terry was in cahoots with the three others to join the Kliq.  Everybody was so excited to see somebody trying to shut up those three clowns and it happens that he was in cahoots with them.  The crowd went wild and they started booing them.  Then, while everybody was dancing and hugging each other in the ring, Scott came out to stop the party.  When Terry saw Scott entering the ring, he charged him with a spear that sent Scott outside the ring.  When Sexton, Christian and Joe saw that, they couldnt believe it and decided that Terrys ring name would be Rhino, because he charged people like a Rhinoceros.  Sandra was there, with still her mouth open after seeing Terry spearing Scott like that, and she took great shot of it too.  Then, the 4 of them, leave the ring and go backstage.  Sandra still couldnt believe it what she had seen, but in a way, she was happy to see that Adam, Jason and Joe were still the same people that she always knew.  Always ready to welcome new guys and make them feel like home.


When the event was over, Sandra went backstage to meet the guys, and there they were all, sitting on chairs with the case of beer open and laughing and having fun.  Then, Sandra went into the press room to bag up her camera and to finalize her column that she will be sending by e-mail to the newspaper.  Jason walk in the room and ask her if he was bothering her.  She told him that he could come in, that she was almost done anyway.  Then, he sat down and just stared at her until she was done writing her paper.  She looked up and saw him watching her and she asked him if she had turned green or if any antenna had grew on her head for him to look at her like that.  He started laughing and told her that was not the reason why he was looking at her.  In Jasons mind, he wish he had the guts to ask her out, or to tell her how he felt and maybe work a relationship.  But no, he was too stubborn and he was so afraid of being rejected by her.  He felt that it would be best for him to not say a word and to be just friends with her.  Then, he started blushing and changed conversation.  He asked her what she was going to do after this, and she told him that she had nothing plan other than if they were going out like they always do.  Jason looked at here with a big smile and said that he was of course taking her out for lunch, like usual. 


At the same time, they both stood up and bump into each other, wanting to leave the room at the same time.  They both stayed there starring at each other.  Sandra wanted so bad to grab his neck and pull him down so she could kiss him and show him how much she would love to have him as a boyfriend.  Then, her bubble broke and she came back to reality.  She excused herself to Jason and let him go first.  Jason told her that she was a lady and lady go out first before man, like his mom always taught him.  They both laughed after being put into a difficult situation.


Once outside where the rest of the guys were, Sandra could see that Terry was all smile and was happy about the result of his night.  Scotty was really impress also with the rookie, even thought he was still hurt from the spear, he came out to congratulate Terry and to let him know that he was hired full time for BCW.  And that Rhino would be his name..  Everybody was really happy about it, and decided to go out to celebrate the news.  Adam looked at Sandra and asked her if she was going to go with them, or she was going to go with Jason, to be by themselves like two lovers.  Jason started pumping blood and Sandra could see the smoke coming out of Jasons ears.  Sandra blushed and told Adam that she was going with them to celebrate and at the same time, grabbed Jasons hand and pull him with her.  She looked at him and told him that it was okay, and it wasnt that they would not be together, they were still going out, but just with the rest of the guys.




Chapter 5


Adam decided that he was going to drive to the restaurant, so the rest of them left their cars and trucks in the parking lot and they would come back and get them later.  Adam had a Jeep Grand Cherokee which could take all the guys in the truck.  So, Terry as in front and Jason, Joe and Sandra sat in the back.  Scott decided to not go with them, as he has some work to do.  The drive to the restaurant was pretty loud as everybody was laughing and singing in the truck.  They decided to go the sports bar Diamond on the East side of the city.  They always go there after the events to eat and have a couple of drinks.


After having eaten their meals, they ordered a couple of drinks and beers.  Terry was starting to open up to the rest of the guys by telling stories about how he was training in a really old gym and there were big rats running everywhere and Adam couldnt believe it.  Then Terry asked them if they every went to Detroit.  Adam and Jason answered together that the only part of Detroit that they saw was the Joe Louis Arena after going to see some hockey games.  Then, Terry started laughing and told them that he will bring them soon and show them the real downtown Detroit.  Sandra looked at her watch and saw that it was already midnight, and she had to go soon, as she had to be at the office early in the morning.  When Jason saw Sandra, he asked her if she was in a hurry.  Sandra looked at Jason and told him that she will have to go soon, it was late and she had to get up early for work.  As soon as Sandra finished talking, Jason elbowed Adam and asked him if he was almost ready to go back to the club, because Sandra had to leave soon.  Adam looked at the time and saw that it was only midnight.  Adam didnt want to leave, but then, Jason looked at him with guns in his eyes to let Adam know that we will go if Sandra has to go.  Terry finished his beer and let Adam know that he was ready when he was ready.  Adam looked at everybodys drink and everybody was done except him.  So, after realizing that he was the only one left, he chugged down his beer and took his key.  When he stood up, everybody did and all walked to Adams truck.  They all took place at the same seats and they left to go back to the club.


When they got in the parking lot.  Sandra said her goodbye to Terry, Joe and Adam.  Jason told the guys that he was going to walk Sandra to her truck.  Adam with a big grin in his face elbowed Terry and told him that Jason had to walk Sandra in case she get lost.  Terry looked back at Joe and Adam with a big grin of his own and said that the parking lot is so huge that you never know who can pop out of anywhere They all started giggling, but Jason didnt find it funny at all.  Sandra had a small grin of her own, but didnt want to show it to Jason.  When she arrived to her truck, he set her alarm off and unlocked the door.  She put her purse in the truck and walked around to meet up with Jason, who wasnt saying too much.  He looked so sad, so Sandra asked him what was wrong, and Jason didnt answered.  Inside of him he was falling in love with Sandra, but couldnt have the nerves to tell her.  He wanted to surround his arm around her, and kiss her gently, but couldnt do it, and to top it off, being teased by Adam, Joe and now Terry didnt helped.  Sandra lifted Jasons chin to be able to look in his eyes, those blue eyes that made her heart go insane so many times.  When she asked him again what was wrong, Jason could feel vibration in her voice, like being nervous about something.  Could it be that she was feeling the same way as he was feeling ????  Could it be that she was as shy as him about talking about his own feelings about her ????  Or was it just something that he wished but wouldnt happen ????


Chapter 6


Sandra knew what was in Jasons mind, she knew that he wanted to kiss her really bad and she wanted that too.  She was to the point that she didnt mind anymore about the ethic of work.  Sandra started tilting her head to kiss Jason when Adam, Joe and Terry scared the shit out of them when they jumped on them.  Jason looked at the three guys and if look could kill, I think Sandra would have gone to a triple funeral.  Jason didnt find it funny at all, neither did Sandra.  Adam, Joe and Terry were still rolling on the floor laughing out of their minds.  Sandra decided that it was time for her to go, so she told Jason to take care and that she would talk to him soon.  Jason wanted to stop Sandra but she got into her truck, start the engine and drove away.  Jason just stood there, without saying a word.  What would have had happened if the three idiots wouldnt have jumped like that.  Maybe, he would still be kissing her, or maybe it is better that nothing has happened.  What if they would have made a mistake, ruined their friendship?  All those thoughts were running through his mind until he came out of his little world and ask Adam if he was ready to leave.  Adam looked at him and let him know that he was ready.  Jason said his goodbye to Joe and Terry and got in the passenger side of the truck and waited for Adam to drive away.


The ride back to the hotel was really silenced by Adam and Jason until Adam decided to ask Jason what was new with Sandra.  Jason looked at Adam with a serious face and asked him why he wanted to know.  Adam, turned to look at Jason straight in the face and told him straight forward that if he really loved Sandra, he should stop being a coward and ask her out once for all.  Jason wanted to scream back at Adam, but he knew too well that Adam was right.  He had so many opportunity and never took advantage of it.  Then, Jason told Adam that he was almost there but there was three ignorant idiots who stopped him earlier.  Adam knew what he was talking about, but replied right away with the fact that Sandra was going to make the moves, not Jason..


Back at home, Sandra was getting ready to go to bed.  She had prepared her clothes for the next morning, her bag with all her paper work and her films of all the pictures that she had took of the event to go to her dark room and develop them.  She slid in her bed, naked like usual and tried to fall asleep.  She couldnt because the only thing that was in her mind was Jasons face in front of her.  The face that she wanted to kiss so bad but had made her mind not to so many times, because of the fact that the ethic of the work, reporter and athlete.  Also, the fact that both of them travel a lot, they would never see each other and it would be worst than what it is right now.  But tonight, she was almost going to give it away and let the temptation go over and she was going to kiss him, kiss those lips that had made her dreams so wet and sometimes made her jumped in the shower.  Tossing and turning, she couldnt help it and couldnt fall asleep.  She decided to go in the living room and watch some TV, maybe it would help her to get Jason out of her mind.


All of a sudden, the phone rang.  She looked at the time, it was 1:00 am in the morning.  Who could call her at that time other than her boss with an emergency.  Emergency like somebody died or a major trade.  She looked at her caller ID.  It said private number.  She picked up and answered.  A male voice was on the other side of the line and asked her if he could meet with  her right now


Chapter 7


Sandra was still a little bit sleepy and had no idea who was on the phone.  She sat in her bed and asked who was talking.  The man answered that he was Terry, Jay and Adams friend.  Sandra didnt understand right away why Terry wanted to see her, and then, it hit her.  Sandra asked Terry if everything was okay.  Terry paused before telling the news to Sandra.  He told her that Jay and Adam got into a car accident, and they were hospitalized at Hotel Dieu.  Sandra started asking all kinds of questions at the same time and Terry couldnt understand a word that she was saying.  Terry tried to calm her down on the phone.  When she finally slowed down, Terry asked her if she wanted him to go and pick her up to come to the hospital.  Sandra agreed and gave Terry her address.  He told her that he would be there in less then 5 minutes, as Sandra lived downtown Windsor, where the hospital was located also.


In less than 10 minutes, Terry had picked up Sandra and they were both waiting in the Emergency Room for some news on the condition of Adam and Jay.  They were waiting for now almost 4 hours and they still didnt received any news.  She was trying to be strong, but the tears were falling down her cheeks.  She started walking back and forth until Terry grabbed her and hugged Sandra.  When she felt his arms around her, she just broke down in tears in Terrys arms.  When Terry saw her, he knew exactly how she felt for Jay and he was hoping that everything would be fine. 


Around 9:00 am, the doctor came out to see if Jay and Adam had any relative in the room.  Terry was still awake, but Sandra had fell asleep on Terrys lap.  Terry shook slowly Sandra to wake her up, when she did, she realized that she was in the hospital and that she needed to hear if Jay was fine or not.  The doctor asked her what was the relation between her and the patient.  She didnt know what to say until Terry answered for her and told the doctor that he was his best friend and she was Jasons girlfriend.  Then, the doctor decided to sat both of them down to let them know about the serious injuries that both men had.  The doctor started by telling Sandra that Jason got serious injuries basically to his head.  Presently, he is in a coma.  Then, he explained to Sandra about the coma situation, that there is no way to find out if they will wake up today, tomorrow or at the end of the month.  Sandra tried to be strong and was holding Terrys hand, but as soon as the doctor talked about taking maybe months, she broke down again and hid her face in Terrys chest.  Terry tried to help her the best that he could, but he knew that it would be hard.  All of a sudden, Sandra stood up and asked in which room he was that she wanted to see him now.  The doctor was going to explain to Sandra the process of people in coma but Sandra didnt want to listen, she just started screaming again for the doctor to let her know in which room he was.  The doctor told Terry that if she didnt calm down, she would not be able to see him.  Terry grabbed Sandra by the two arms and shook her a little bit to make her come out of the shock.  When she started calming down, Terry told her that she will be able to see Jay, but she had to relax, that she couldnt go in the room to see Jay if she wasnt calm.  Sandra listened to Terry and calmed down right away.  Then, the doctor told her that even if he doesnt respond to her, he does understand what it is said to him and who is there.  The only thing is that he will be in a deep sleep.  The doctor told Sandra that she was more than welcome to talk to him and that it might help Jason to come out of coma.  Terry ask the doctor if it was the same for Adam and the doctor told them that Adam was in the same condition, but he had more serious injuries in the chest area because of the steering wheel.  Sandra looked at the doctor and told him that she was ready to go and see Jay.  Terry asked her if she wanted him to go with her and she told him that she wanted to be a couple of minutes alone with Jay before and then after he will be able to come in the room.  Terry kissed Sandra on the forehead before she walked to the room.  Sandra walked to the room, and stopped in front of the door.  She was afraid to open the door and to confront the picture that would be facing her.  She was afraid to find Jay, but it wouldnt be Jay, it would be somebody laying there.  She was afraid to face somebody that would not remember her.  All of this thoughts together came up to one word:  Fear.


Chapter 8


Sandra took a breather and open the door.  It was dark and felt cold.  She walked to get closer to the bed.  She found a person laying there, with all kind of tubes and machines connected to a body.  Sandra pulled a chair closer to the bed, sat down and as she grabbed Jays hand, tears started falling down her cheeks.  She didnt what to do.  She wanted to do something to help Jay to get out of his coma.  She remembered what the doctor had told her that even he doesnt respond or answer her, everything that she would be telling him, he would understand it and sometimes, it will help Jay coming out of his coma.  So, she decided to open her heart and tell Jay how she really feels about him.  She told him that she had those hidden feelings for a while now, but was afraid that those feelings would hurt their friendship.  Also, she didnt know if their relationship would work with their busy schedule.  She told him that if she could go back in time, she would have told him about her feelings, because now, if something happens to Jay, she will regret it for the rest of her life, not knowing what would have happened between them.  She could have lost the chance of her life to be with the man that she was meant for.  Sandra stayed by his side the whole night.  She held his hand and talked to him until she saw the sunset of the next day again. 


Sandra lived at the hospital for the next two weeks, going home just to take a shower and change.  She had taken some time off from her work and spent al her time with Jay.  Nothing really had change in his situation, which didnt help Sandras faith.  While that time too, she was checking on Adam who was in the same situation, but was a little bit worse because of the chest injuries.  And also, during that period, she built up a new friendship.  That friendship was with Terry.  Being close friends with Adam and Jay, he was really concerned about his friends, and he didnt want to leave Sandra going thru this hard time by herself.  He would be the one going to get food for her, so she would be able to stay with Jay.  He would be there also, for moral support, for Adam and Jay, as well as Sandra.  Also, Sandra built up a relationship with Jays parents.  They werent able to stay in Windsor for all that period of time, but every weekend, they would come down and spend time with Jay.  During the week, they would keep close communication with Sandra, which would give them the lastest change if it would happen.


At the start of the third week, Sandra was sitting at the same place, holding Jays hand like day one, but that morning, she decided to read to Jay, the news of the day that were in the newspaper.  She was telling them that for another season again, the Toronto Maple Leafs didnt make the playoffs, which to rub it in to Jay, started laughing as it was Jays favorite team and Sandras was the Detroit Red Wings.  Mind you, the Red Wings didnt make the playoffs that year either, but she knew how high Jay had the Leafs.  All of a sudden, as she was still laughing about it, she felt some pressure in her hand.  She didnt know if it was her imagination, or she did really felt something and it would be Jay reacting to what she was telling him.  Terry was sleeping on the other chair in the room but woke up when Sandra yelled his name.  He asked what was wrong and Sandra looked at him with a shocked face.


Chapter 9


Sandras face was fully of joy because at that moment, she started believing that Jay would come back to her.  Her screamed was heard everywhere on the floor and two nurses arrived.  Sandra told the nurses that Jay had put some pressure in her hand and for her, Jay was on his way to rehabilitation and coming out of the coma.  One of the nurse took Sandra aside and told her that it was a really good sign that Jay did put some pressure, but that wouldnt mean that he was out of coma.  Sandras smile slowly disappeared and was replaced by a sad face.  Terry approached Sandra and the nurse and knew that he had to be with Sandra in that precise moment.  Sandra turned to Terry and tears started falling down on her cheek.  Terry was also affected by all this, but something else was starting to affect him too.  Spending all this time with Sandra made him starting to have feelings for her.  He knew that she was in a relation with Jay and he didnt want to hurt his best friend either, but he had to fight really hard to hide his feelings for her, especially all the times that he would hug her and make her feel that shes not alone in this nightmare.  Sandra sat back next to Jay and continued reading him the newspaper, expecting another reaction by Jay and that she could tell the nurses and doctor that they were wrong, but that reaction never came. 


The weekend following, Jays parents were down to stay with Jay, and they told Sandra that she should go home and take some time for herself.  To stay home and think of herself just a little bit.  Sandra didnt want to leave Jay, but she didnt want to argue and getting into a fight with Jays parents, so she agreed to go home and that she will be back on Sunday night.  Until then, she made promise Jays parent to call her on her cell if anything changes. 


Jays dad asked Terry to go with Sandra and if she accepted, to stay with her, just incase that she wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares.  Jays dad knew what he was talking about because he went thru the same thing with his dad, several years ago.  Terry decided to drive Sandra to her house, and when they get there, he would ask Sandra if he could stay over with her.  Sandra took her stuff, gave a last kiss to Jay, and said her byes to Jays parents.  When Sandra walked out of the room with Terry, Jays mom look at Jay and told him how lucky he was to have a girl like Sandra as a girlfriend.  Not a lot of girls would do what she was doing, giving her life away to stay with the one that she loves.


Down in the parking lot, Terry asked Sandra if she wanted him to drive home and Sandra gave him the keys with no argument.


Chapter 10


While they were driving, Terry and Sandra were pretty quiet.  Terry didnt know what to say but he knew that he had to say something to break the silence.  He decided to turn on the radio, and the CD player started playing.  It was her Def Leppard CD that was in, she was listening to the CD High and Dry.  The self title song started and Sandra just got a smile in her face.  Terry saw that and asked her why she was smiling.  Sandra didnt know how to say it, but she just let it out the way it was in her head.  She told Terry that every time that she did smoked weed, she would listen to that song and the wording would be exactly her life.  She used to smoke a lot of weed a couple of years ago, when she was single and couldnt find a man that would love her for herself.  She had a lot of offers to sleep with her, but never to be make love.  Terry was listening carefully to what she was saying and didnt want to interrupt her.  Then, she turned to Terry and told him and still up to this day, she never made love.  Terry didnt know what to say, in his head, he wanted so bad, invite her to her first experience of making love, but in the other hand, he knew that she was waiting for Jay to get better to have that experience.  Again, Terry had to think about others feelings before his.


When they got back to Sandras house, Terry stopped the car and took a deep breath.    Sandra looked at him with a strange look wondering what he was going to say.  Terry looked at her and asked her if he could stay with her, just to make sure that she would be okay.  Sandra didnt even had to think twice, as a matter of fact, she was going to ask him if he could stay over the weekend with her.  Both of them started laughing and got out of the truck.  Sandra took her keys from Terry and open the door.  Sandra showed the couch to Terry of where he could sleep tonight and Saturday night.  Terry didnt have a problem with the suggestion.  It was Friday night, really late and both of them, were exhausted, ready to go to bed.  Terry asked Sandra if he could take a shower and Sandra showed him the bathroom.  Also, Terry asked Sandra if he could use her washing machine to wash his cloth.  He didnt had any to change into and Sandras cloth was way too small for him.  Sandra told him to give her his cloth and she will bring it downstairs to get washed.  While then, Sandra gave Terry a huge robe to wear until his cloth gets washed and dried.  When she came back upstairs, she was tired, but she decided to watch a little bit of TV before going to bed and she wanted to make sure that Terry had everything that he needed and that he would be all set to sleep on the couch.  About 15 minutes later, Terry came out of the shower.  His hair was still soaking wet and water was dripping down from his hair.  Sandra looked up at him and for the first time, she realized how beautiful he was


Chapter 11


Sandra wasnt saying anything and Terry was wondering what was wrong with him.  He asked her what was wrong and Sandra had to snap out of it and answer him.  Sandra looked at Terry and told him that nothing was wrong, she just told him that she spaced out and to repeat what he just said.  Terry started laughing and asked him what was wrong with him.  She told him that nothing was wrong with him.  He sat down next to Sandra and they talked for a little while.  They were watching Much More Music and all the old songs from the 80s were playing.  All of sudden, Bon Jovis song Wanted dead or alive started and that was one of Sandras favorite slow song.  She sighted at the first note that Jon started to sing.  Terry could see that Sandra was feeling alone cause she wrapped her arms around her legs that she had bent up.  Terry wanted to hug her so bad and to make her feel better, but every time that idea would come up to him, Jay would appeared in his mind, which would me Terry back out of anything that he would want.  But he knew that if he didnt try anything, he would never know if he would have a real chance with Sandra or not.  He knew that Jay had feelings for Sandra and so did she, but they were not committed to each other yet, so if he had to make a move, it would be before Jay comes out of his coma.


Sandra was ready to go to bed, so she stood up and looked at Terry.  He looked so good, was she thinking.  Sandra wondered how Terry is in a relationship.  Terry decided to stand up to say goodbye to Sandra.  They were facing each other, face to face.  They were almost the same height, Terry being a little bit taller than Sandra.  He was looking into her eyes with so much passion and desire.  He put his hand on her arms and brought them up to her shoulder.  Goosebumps were going thru Sandras body.  She was starting to feel fire and passion.  She had only one thing in her mind at the moment and it was to kiss those lips.  Those lips that were inviting her, those lips that were in front of her, those lips that seemed right there waiting for her. Terrys hand had made their way up to Sandras face.  He was rubbing her face with his thumbs.  Sandras hands had made their way to Terrys hips and she knew that in the next few minutes, she would live to know the taste of Terrys lips.  All of sudden, she felt something touching her lips, Terrys lips  but, it didnt tasted like she thought they would, they were really furry..  Sandra jumped on the couch, which woke up Terry, who fell asleep on the couch too.  Then, she look on the ledge of the couch next to her to see one of her cat, Minou right there.  She realized that she was dreaming, it was all in her dream and the furry lips were more like Minous paw on her mouth


Chapter 12


Terry asked her if everything was alright and if she had a nightmare, and Sandra looked at him with a smile, letting him know that it was not a nightmare but a dream.  Then, Terry asked her what was that dream then, and she just decided to tell him that she was going to bed, before she gets into deeper trouble.  Sandra looked at him and ask him if he needed anything before she goes to bed.  Terry told her that he just needed a blanket and a pillow and he would be okay on the couch.  As Sandra stood up, Terry stood up at the same time.  He wanted to know what she was smiling about, but Sandra wasnt going to tell him.  She turned to go to her bedroom to get an extra blanket and a pillow.  As she came back, he was still standing there, and he would not take any excuse as per what she was smiling about.  Sandra gave him the blanket and pillow and said good night to Terry.  Terry put his hand on her shoulder and asked her if he was not going to get a hug and kiss good night.  Sandra turned with a huge smile, but she had to hide it.  Then, she gave Terry a huge hug and as she was going to give him a kiss good night, Sandra was going to give him only a kiss on the peek of his lips, like any friends would do, but Terry started tilting his head, for another kid of kiss.  When their faces approached each other, she turned her head, and Terry ended up kissing Sandra on the cheek.  Then, Sandra told him good night and left for the room.  She had the biggest smile when she got into her room.  Terry  was not satisfied with that kind of kiss, but there was nothing else he could do.  He was not going to put his friendship in jeopardy to have an affair with his best friends girlfriend.  But then again, they were not boyfriend and girlfriend yet. 


Terry laid down on the couch, platting his pillow and getting comfortable.  There was only one problem, he horny and he was so hard, he needed to relieve himself, so he started masturbating himself and thinking of Sandra at the same time.  He knew that he was sleeping at her house for one reason, and its not the one that he wanted for, but he had a responsibility, and it was to take care of Sandra.  Well, there is a lot of different way that he could take care of Sandra, but the one that he had in mind wasnt the same one as Jays parents.


The next morning, Sandra woke up late, really late.  She never realized that it was 3:00 pm and she had been sleeping for almost 14 hours.  She put her night robe on and got went to the bathroom.  When she walked in front of the couch where Terry was sleeping, she found the couch empty.  She started calling his name to see if he was still around, but no answer.  Then, she found a note next to the phone.  It was from Terry letting Sandra know that he went to the restaurant to get breakfast, lunch.  Sandra smiled, just at the idea of him bringing breakfast.  She went to the bathroom and as soon as she came out, there was Terry coming in the house with two bags.  Terry looked at her and told her that he didnt know what she wanted for breakfast, so he bought a lot of different stuff, like pancake, muffins, loaf a bread, eggs, etc.  Sandra looked at him and told him that she was really lucky to have a friend like him, and she really doesnt know what she would do without him.  Terry started blushing and as a joke, told her that one day, he will have to pay him back and it would be until his condition.  Sandra looked at him with a Wicked Evil Grin and told him that he could get whatever he wanted.  Terry made her repeat herself three other times.  Sandra looked at him with a face saying that if he needed somebody to take the was off of his hear, but Terry told her that he did that incase I would back out of what I said.