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Gerin began his wrestling career as an amateur wrestler, wrestling for Annapolis High School for four years and placing fifth in a state wrestling tournament during his senior year. He turned pro in 1994, and was trained by Scott D'Amore, Mickey Doyle, and Denny Kass. He made his professional debut on March 10, 1995 against Kass. He lost by disqualification.
In 1995, he traveled to Germany to wrestle for Otto Wan's Catch Wrestling Association, where he held the tag team titles twice (with J.P. Lafitte and Joe Legend). In 1999, Rhino returned to the United States, and attended an ECW in January 1999 in his homestate of Michigan. After seeing how solid the wrestling of ECW was, a very impressed Rhino decided he'd like to wrestle in ECW.
Rhino made his ECW debut in February of 1999 against Tracey Smothers. Dubbed "the Rookie Monster," Rhino impressed the tough ECW crowds with his aggresive wrestling style. He joined forces with Steve Corino, and made his PPV debut at 1999's Anarchy Rulz, competing for the ECW world tag team titles against Raven and Tommy Dreamer. On April 21, 2000, Rhino beat Yoshihiro Tajiri for the ECW world television title. After briefly dropping the title to Kid Kash, he recaptured it in September.
As ECW went under, Rhino joined many other ECW wrestlers in jumping to the World Wrestling Federation, where he was renamed Rhyno. There, he joined up with his old buddies Edge & Christian, as well as their Team ECK teammate Kurt Angle, to briefly form the unofficial "Team RECK," which fell to pieces during the King of the Ring tournament. Rhyno immediatly found a niche competing in the hardcore division, and has since had three hardcore title reigns (although in the hardcore divisions, a "reign" never lasts long). Rhyno is currently on the side of the WCW/ECW alliance as part of the "invasion" angle, and recently added another title to his list of accolades, when he captured the WCW US Title from Tajiri at Unforgiven.

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