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Compatibility For Aries with Libra

A great combination of Mars and Venus. The warm and passionate Libra person will make a welcome home for the fiery, impetuous Aries. This will be particularly true if both persons are on the same cultural and intellectual plane. This could be a poor match if either one of them is from a culture or religion varying from their own.

Aries appreciates the passion and emotion that Libra person possess. However too much of a good thing could spoil it. There must be balance for this to work. There is a wider the ordinary margin for error though, and most of these combinations will go the distance. Libra's refined and artistic temperament yearns for reciprocal attachments. And this is something Aries can provide.

Compatibility For Taurus with Libra

Taurus with Libra
These are both ruled by Venus, the love goddess and it does shine on the two love birds, that is until one steps out of line. Then the feathers will fly. However there are common interest and a meeting of the mind and body making this a very good marital combination.

These two signs are intrinsically joined by their ruling planet Venus. They appreciate beauty and the finer things of life. A large bank account will be needed for these two to appease their desire for luxury. The success of this relationship will require libra's sense of diplomacy and taurus's patience. Libra an air sign, loves to roam and taurus an earth sign loves to sit and smell the roses. With understanding it could be a harmonic relationship.


Compatibility For Gemini with Libra

This is considered to be a great astrological influence for a long and happy marriage. Both signs have much in common and enough contrast to make an ideal partnership. Libra being under Venus's influence and Mercury ruling Gemini makes for a very good planetary configuration. Both favor similar changes of interests. In the case of this pair, Libra is the judge and Gemini the responsive jury in the nuptial courthouse. The combination's intellectual and artistic interests are compatible. Both sides of the Gemini nature will be under stood by the Libra.

This will be a very stimulating relationship. One sign compliments the other and brings out the better part of each other's nature. Gemini will find it easy to communicate with libra who is only to happy to share information and ideas.

Compatibility For Cancer with Libra

Cancer is not temperamentally suited to cope with the freedom loving Libra. They could go for days of no recognition if they have a serious disagreement. Libra's great desire for attention may bring on a period of sulking depression that could create a highly controversial situation. Though Libra love's justice and fair play, cancer has a tendency to tale advantage of all of these quality for his own private use.

On the positive side though, they could make it. Ruled by the moon and Venus respectively, there is common ground here despite the fact that we have a water sign and an air. The sensitive cancer can rest assured that Libra is generally peace-loving and won't often stir things up. Libra is also love-loving as well and this should sit well with cancer. Libra will appreciate cancer's loyalty and generosity.

Compatibility For Leo with Libra

The hale and hearty may prove to be too much for the sensitive Libra nature, though they have alot in common that could make for a good combination. The sun ruling Leo and Venus ruling Libra usually form a strong and luxurious aspect. Both signs love luxuries, are subject to flattery , and are very artistically inclined. Leo demands constant adulation which a may cause problems. Libra may get the idea what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Compatibility For Virgo with Libra

Virgo with Libra
Another combination that would have trouble finding marital bliss. There is one thing that Libra can not take and that is criticism, and of course Virgo is a champion in that department. Virgo is very particular to detail, while Libra is easygoing and detest detail. The conflict of interest will cause a storm soon after the sexual novelty has worn off.

There is hope though, Libra looks for peace and harmony is likely to do well with Virgo who is a perfectionist in his/her own right. Providing the aspects in the synastry are just right. (We do custom synastry's by the way) ;)

Compatibility For Libra with Libra

Here is a match made in heaven, unless one had an incompatible sign rising at birth. They both have basically the same interests and qualities, so there would be great understanding in the relationship.While both like to be admired, and may cast a roving eye away from home territory, each is understanding of the other's motives . With this combination there is so much in common and so little negatives against it (a possible incompatible sign rising in either birth chart) there is no hesitation in advising it.

The biggest problem may be unresolved conflicts, as neither wants to stir the pot when differences appear. They may both say the heck with it and thats all, just to preserve the peace. But if this is the worst that could happen, well...

Compatibility For Libra with Scorpio

There is much sympathetic magnetism between these two signs. While Scorpio is the more dominant sign of the two, the libran's beauty and sense of fair play appeal to Scorpios good judgment. Libra sees all the virtues that she admires in Scorpio, for scorpio's sex drive is all libra's hope to be. There is much to recommend this union, for they have many sympathies in common. Librans are sentimental and susceptible as lovers. This seems to be appealing to scorpio's dominant and possessive urges. AS long as libra does not hurt scorpio's pride, Librians will find what they are looking for when they marry a Scorpio.

There is a strong sexual attraction here, but libra may find scorpio's intense nature a bit overwhelming. Common goals and shared interests could avert any difficulties.

Compatibility For Libra with Sagittarius

Sagittarius 's philosophy of life may be to much for the free and easy going libra to cope with. However , this is a good marital combination. Libra will get all the excitement they want if they marry Sagittarius. The only question will be is will libra's endurance be able to last through the long haul with the Sagittarius partner? The libran love of beauty, luxury, and social whirl appeals to the Sagittarius,. but he will not be tied to the libran apron-string. Sagittarius hates bondage and can not be confined, and will not tolerate bondage, whether it be legal or not, and will use all the means at his command to break through bonds.

Again we have the tactful libra nature surfacing to create some harmony in the relationship.They will do well together, if sagittarius can manage to be around enough to fulfill libra's need for togetherness.

Compatibility For Libra with Capricorn

On the surface these two seem to be on the opposite, but the taciturn Capricorn is very much intrigued by libra. If libra does not find the steady Capricorn nature too boring, there is good chance here for a successful marriage. The Capricorn before he marries is far more liberal on his view s on sex before marriage then he will be afterward. Libra had better screen the social environment to suit capricorn's views or there may be some embarrassing moments later on.

Unless capricorn can open up a little more there could be problems here. Libra requires affection and capricorn tends to put it off.

Compatibility For Libra with Aquarius

This could be a good combination for marriage. Aquarians have perfect affinities for librans. They both love beauty, society, and people , this helps to make this an ideal union. Possibility one of the few problems may be a misunderstanding because a Aquarius mate is unpredictable at times, and for no reason at all, may seek seclusion and refuse to communicate. In that event , the best thing to do would be to let them enjoy their solitude. They will soon revert to their lovable self, and all will be well if Libra doesn't insist on explanations.

Both of these signs are naturally friendly people, while libra is best at the one on one relationship, aquarius wants to love the world as well. There may not be monumental disagreements between these two but libra will need to understand the aquarian unpredictability.

Compatibility For Libra with Pisces

Here there is mutual attraction, but it seldom lasts long. This is especially true under intimate circumstances. Pisces will be content with Libra's exclusive company, But libra's love of social affairs may generate jealousy and disharmony in the intimate life. Libra can get along will with mast people, but the pisces is more discriminating, and this is the source of their disagreements. Nothing makes libra more miserable then a sulky, complaining pisces.

Their is a mutual appreciation for art and beauty and all that it entails between these two. A reasonably good combination.