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March 27, 2004
Rhyno was switched from SmackDown! to Raw in the lottery on Monday.  He was the 3rd picked.  Lets hope he gets better opportunities there!

January 26, 2004
Royal Rumble

Rhyno was number six. 


Rhyno attacked Orton and Benoit, while Tajiri kicked Henry repeatedly and blew the green mist on him.  Tajiri went for a Tarantula on Henry, but couldn't hook it.  Rhyno gored Henry, knocking Tajiri from the ring.  


Matt Hardy went at it with Orton and Rhyno, while Benoit was slumped on the mat.  Hardy hit the side effect on Rhyno.  Benoit tossed Hardy over the top, but he landed on the apron.  Rhyno charged Hardy in the corner with the shoulder block.  Rhyno tried to toss Hardy over, while Orton and Benoit struggled in the other corner. 


Scott Steiner was number eight


Steiner hit all four men in the ring with Steiner lines, then suplexed Orton, and gave Benoit a belly to belly.  Steiner hit a T-bone suplex on Rhyno.  Benoit floated over a slam and gave Steiner two German suplexes.  Orton kicked Hardy in the corner, but Hardy poked him in the eyes.  Benoit hit a back suplex on Hardy. 


Matt Morgan was number nine. 


Rhyno kicked Steiner in the corner.  Morgan power bombed Benoit, and hit Hardy with a boot to the face.  Rhyno went to suplex Steiner, but Steiner reversed it.  Morgan choked Orton with his boot, then hit him with shoulder blocks. 

HurricaMorgan tossed Hardy over the top rope, but Hardy held on.  Benoit chopped Rhyno in the corner.  Orton and Steiner were tangled in the ropes in one corner. 

Booker T was number eleven. 


Steiner and Booker went right at it, exchanged punches and chops.  Benoit stomped Orton, then went after Morgan.  Rhyno worked over Hardy. Booker hit an ax kick on Orton.  Morgan chopped Benoit.  Steiner slugged Hardy in a corner.  Rhyno tried to muscle Morgan over the top rope. Booker hit a jump kick on Steiner. 


Kane chokeslammed Benoit and backdropped out of a Morgan powerbomb attempt and chokeslammed Morgan.  Kane hit a sideslam on Hardy, and booted Rhyno when he went for a gore.  Kane chokeslammed Orton.  Kane elbowed Hardy in the corner


Booker worked over Morgan, Hardy on Benoit, Orton on Rhyno.  


Rikishi was number fourteen.  


Rhyno charged Benoit, and Benoit backdropped him over the top rope and to the floor. 


Rhyno was eliminated. 



Smackdown Results from Cologne Germany October 10, 2003
Rhyno defeated Funaki


EDDIE GUERRERO defeated RHYNO in a US-title match after a shot in the head with the title belt followed by a 5-star frog splash. Absolutely brilliant match, one of the best of the night. Before the match one guy shouted happy birthday to Eddie, which led to a section of the crowd actually singing happy birthday to Eddie. Eddie was all smiles after that. Lots of comedy spots by Eddie during the match, and the story of the match was lie, cheat and steal to victory. The crowd absolutely loved Eddie, got one of the biggest pops of the night.

Rhyno celebrates a birthday
by Phil Speer
Oct. 8, 2003

Its hard to believe that Rhyno, a nine-year veteran of sports entertainment who was the last ECW World Heavyweight Champion, is only 28. But in fact, he just turned 28, on Tuesday, and he celebrated his birthday the way most Superstars do: on the road.

In his case, he wrestled at the SmackDown! event in Hartford, Conn., and then immediately flew to Finland to begin the Passport to Pain tour of Europe.

Its a labor of love, Rhyno said of celebrating his birthday on the road. Im spending it with my other family -- the (wrestlers).

Rhyno said he received a handful of phone calls throughout the day Tuesday wishing him a happy birthday, and some fans brought signs to the show that said the same. He said he may have a celebratory drink on the flight to Europe. Other than that, it was business as usual for the Man-Beast.

But while he may not have time to sit back and reflect, Rhyno has much to be proud of after all that hes accomplished in 28 short years, and less than a decade in the industry.

On Jan. 7, 2001, for example, he became one of the youngest world champions in history when he captured the ECW World Heavyweight Championship at age 25. At that point, he was already ECW Television Champion, and so he held both titles when the company went out of business soon after.

Rhyno had started in ECW five years after he walked into a wrestling school in Windsor, Ontario, just across the lake from his hometown of Detroit. In the months that followed, he competed for independent promotions across North America, often on the same shows as Edge and Christian, even if it meant driving over ice-covered lakes to get to them.

In 1997, he traveled to Germany to compete for Otto Wanzs CWA organization, the same promotion for which Lance Storm, Bradshaw, Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, William Regal and others competed.

Regal once said of CWA, Germany was a great place to go and learn the art of professional wrestling. Thats the problem with younger wrestlers nowadays. They dont have the kind of places to go and work and learn to do this job the way Ive been fortunate enough to learn it.

Indeed, Rhynos experience in Germany helped him become a better performer when he returned to the U.S., which he did 1999 when ECW hired him. On April 22, 2000, he captured the ECW Television Title, and held on to it, with a one-week exception, until the company closed its doors.

Within two months of ECW closing, he made his WWE debut, on the March 19, 2001 episode of RAW. Since then, hes been in the same ring with some of the all-time greats, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and the Undertaker. Hes been Hardcore Champion and, during the invasion, U.S. Champion. Hes returned successfully from spinal fusion surgery.

Not bad for a guy who still has two full years before he hits 30.


October 8, 2003
Rhyno is currently in the WWE doghouse. From what we have been told, Vince McMahon feels that Rhyno doesn't put enough 'fire' into his matches. This was part of the reason that Vince McMahon came out at a house show several weeks ago and cancelled his match with Tajiri, saying it 'sucked'. In the case of Rob Van Dam, it looks like Rhyno is in the same boat. Some of the former ECW and WCW guys are still 'fighting' to get a spot in WWE which just blows many peoples minds.