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AUTHOR: Heather
CONTENT: language, smut, m/m/m/m
CHARACTERS: Rey Mysterio, Spanky, Chris Benoit, Rhyno
SUMMARY: Spanky has a surprise for Rey that he soon wont forget
NOTES: This is an answer to a challenge where Rey/Spanky invite over Benoit and Rhyno w/ the additive of chocolate syrup
DISCLAIMER: Dont own em. Never will. Damn.
DISTABUTION: my site: anywhere else, just ask and Ill say yes I just want to know

Mhhhmmmmm, yeah. I love it when you do that baby. It feels soooooo good, Rey managed to squeak out in between his short gasps for breath.
Spanky looked up at him with a mischievous glance but never broke stride from his sucking.
Feeling himself coming undone, Rey thrust his hips up into his lovers warm cavity. Spanky returned the gesture in earnest by sucking even harder. Oh my god, baby. Im coming!
Spanky clasped his hands down over his lovers hips to hold him in place as he felt his loves liquid invade his mouth. He moved his mouth up and down faster, pressing his tongue along his length, milking him for everything he was worth.
Mmmm, that was wonderful Spank, Rey smiled half-dazed. Now its time to return the favor.
Not yet love. I still got another surprise for you.
What? Rey said, eyes growing wide.
Oh yeah. And I know youll love it. Now you get up and go take a shower.
He lightly slapped Reys ass as he got up to go get his shower. As soon as he was sure he was out of earshot, Spanky picked up the phone that was next to the bed.

Rey tried his hardest to take a sensible shower. Of course it would have gone better had he not made the water blazing hot. He couldnt think of anything but Spanky and the surprise that he had for him. Just the mere image of Spanky was starting to make him hard again. He tried to ignore it and continue on with his shower.
After a few uncomfortable minutes, it was painfully obvious his erection wasnt going to subside on its own. Groaning he lightly trailed his hand lower to tease over his nipples before settling on his cock, stroking it the rest of the way into life.
He stroked himself thinking it was Spankys hand and not his. He rubbed himself gently, collecting the small amount of pre-cum on his tip to help slide easier. He moaned in pleasure when he realized the water hitting him from the shower combined with the slickness of the stroking made it seem like his lovers mouth was on him again.
He lost himself in the sensation of everything and stroked himself furiously, alternating each stroke with a squeeze. Unable to control himself, he bucked up into his hand and came again.
Once he regained his senses, he quickly finished his shower so he wouldnt keep Spanky and his surprise waiting.

Rey emerged from the shower wearing only a terrycloth robe. He smiled when he saw that Spanky had left a note and one lone rose on his bed. He picked up the note and read it:
I know you are wearing the robe I got you for your birthday last year right now. Take it off and walk out into the hall.
Loving the eroticness of the moment, Rey slid the robe off his shoulders and let it crumple to the floor in a pool around his feet. Not even bothering to pick it up, he stepped over it and walked into the hall.
As soon as he walked out, he saw a note sticking out of the side of one of the picture frames. He could get use to this game. He pulled the slip of paper out and red what it said:
I know you were a bad boy in the shower and you didnt wait for me. Now I have to teach you a lesson. Where could one learn a lesson?
Rey blushed slightly in the fact that his lover could tell what he was doing without actually being there. He tried to think of where Spanky meant when he said learn a lesson. The only place they had ever tried anything was really the bedroom. Maybe it didnt have something to do with sex for once. Itd be a change, but not far-fetched. He walked down the hall to where their home office was. He felt awkward walking in the nude, but who would see?
He entered the office and immediately walked over to the bookcase. There sticking out of it was another slip of paper. This time it read:
A proper lesson should be one where homework is assigned. Maybe you should check the place where homework is done best.
He turned around, trying to think when he saw their desk in the corner. Duh, where else? He walked over to the desk and sat in the chair. Just as he got comfortable, he saw a post-it note stuck to the computer screen:
All homework is graded. Good grades deserve rewards. I use to be rewarded with ice cream with chocolate syrup. Go get the syrup.
He smiled at the kinky thoughts running through his mind. He couldnt believe that he found himself starting to get hard once again. He continued the trek across the house to the kitchen. He let out a small gasp when he thought he heard a noise behind him.
Hello? Is someone there? He wandered around a little. Spanky is that you?
He turned the corner and found the door to the living room closed. Thats odd, he though. He reached for the doorknob, but was stopped when he looked down to see another note stuck to the handle:
I thought I told you to go to the kitchen pantry. Now move it, or Ill have to teach you another lesson.
Rey shivered at the tone in the note. Spanky never really was controlling, but he could be demanding when he wanted to be. He left the door and quickly hurried off to the kitchen pantry.
Once there, he picked up the bottle of syrup to find a note underneath of the bottle:
I must have taught you well. Good boy. Now come back to the living room to get your surprise.
This was too much for Rey. He could feel his cock getting harder by the minute in anticipation of what Spanky had planned. He quickly hurried back to the living room, pausing only a moment to shuffle the bottle in his hand. He pushed open the door and gasped in surprise when he saw Benoit and Rhyno sitting, just as in the nude as he was, on the love seat.
A hand grabbed him from behind and Spanky twirled him around, kissing him deep. Surprise, he murmured against his lips.
You did all this for me?
Spanky nodded his head gently and motioned for him to go farther into the room. He lead him over to the love seat where their two guests were waiting, already making out.
Go ahead love. We were waiting for you.
Rey didnt get a chance to respond. Instead he was pulled into the laps of Rhyno and Benoit, each one gabbing a separate arm. He collapsed on top of them in a heap.
You were right about him being rambunctious, Spank, Benoit commented. Now lets get started.
Rhyno just let out a grunt as he moved forward and captured Benoits lips in a searing kiss.
Wasting no time, Rey reached forward and grabbed both mens cocks, one in each hand, and began stroking them. Both moaned in pleasure in each others mouth.
Finding out the loveseat was entirely too small fir this to happen, the all rolled onto the floor, never breaking the routine. While Benoit and Rhyno continued to make out and Rey stroking them, Spanky popped the lid open to the syrup bottle.
Rey was lost in the moans in the room until he felt something cool being drizzled on to his chest. He stopped just enough to see Spanky posed with the syrup bottle over him and a wicked grin. He tried to concentrate on his task, but found it impossible.
Its okay. I did this for you. Now enjoy.
Benoit and Rhyno moved away from their place on the floor to let Spanky finish his job. He drizzled just a little more on his chest before moving the bottle down to his cock. He made sure it was generously coated. He pushed the top down to the bottle, catching the remnants with his finger. He lowered his finger to Reys lips and smeared the chocolate on them.
Rey took advantage of this and sucked his fingers into his mouth. He started moving his tongue around like he was giving Spankys fingers a blowjob.
Groaning out of disappointment, Spanky withdrew his fingers. He moved around and captured his lips with Reys. He started sucking the chocolate off his lips slowly. He slowly dragged his tongue across his lips before inserting his tongue into his mouth. He moved his tongue around Reys mouth, caressing the inside gently. Their tongues met and entwined in each other, each caressing the other slowly.
While that was going on, Benoit started his assault. He slowly moved up Reys chest to where the syrup was drizzled in lines. Starting at one end, he slowly liked his way up. He continued this with each lane until it was gone, except for the spots around his nipples. He left those for last.
He moved over to the left side and took the nipple into his mouth and sucked on it gently until perky. He swirled his tongue around the nub until it became oversensitive. But that didnt stop him. Ignoring the moans coming from Rey, he caught the pebbled gently between his teeth and rolled in with his tongue. He let it go and lapped at it, flicking his tongue over it. When he was sure Rey couldnt take it anymore, he moved to the other side.
Hearing the moans escaping from Rey, Rhyno couldnt wait any longer. He moved forward toward Reys cock and gently grabbed it with his hand. He reached his tongue out and lightly lapped at the tip. The mix of chocolate and pre-cum was intoxicating. He slowly lowered his mouth, taking him in inch by inch. He didnt stop until his nose met Reys stomach. He almost gagged himself, but slowly slid back up, smearing chocolate as he went.
He bobbed his head, finding a smooth rhythm, and adding a small suction. He swirled his tongue around as best he could while applying a tighter suction. He gently grazed his teeth on the underside of Reys cock, eliciting a sharp gasp from him.
All the pleasure was too much to bear. He was in incredible bliss. His body ached everywhere for release. He needed it. Feeling himself come undone, he arched up off the floor and came hard. The sensation of him screaming in his mouth was Spankys undoing as he came. Hearing those two coming, not to mention feeling Spanky next to him was enough to send Benoit over the edge. As he did, he clamped down on one nipple sucking hard while pinching the other withy his hand. Rhyno came the instant he felt Reys release enter his mouth. It was as if he could feel all the pleasure Rey was feeling through the force of the release.
All collapsed in a heap on the floor coming down from their orgasms. Surprisingly, Rey was the fist to be able to for a coherent though. That was amazing. Thank you all.

An hour later, Benoit and Rhyno left. Spanky and Rey stood in the foyer after seeing them off. That was a great surprise Spank. Thanks.
Anything for you baby, he replied kissing the top of his head.
Rey looked up at Spanky with that grin, How about I show you how much thanks I have.
Id love that.
With that, Rey led him off to the bedroom for another night of passion.